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General Conditions

1. In accordance with current fire regulations the maximum capacity of the hall is 80 people seated and 100 standing. These numbers are not to be exceeded.

2. The Hall in its entirety is a No Smoking area. The Hirer shall ensure that anyone wishing to smoke does so outside and disposes of cigarette ends, matches etc. in the container provided on the patio wall. Smokers are encouraged not to smoke in the vicinity of children.

3. Times of letting as agreed with the Booking Secretary at the time of booking are to be adhered to. Any increase in the times of the letting may result in an additional payment being required. Discount; if you are a village resident there is a small discount applied to the booking, please advise the booking secretary at the time of booking.

4. The Hirer may not sub-let the Hall. No illegal or immoral activity may be carried out. During the period of the letting, the Hirer will be responsible for the hall in its entirety and the behaviour of all persons in their party.


Use of the Hall

5. The Committee have a duty of care to ensure that children using the Hall do so without fear of abuse. Individuals and informal groups who hire the Hall should abide by the “Safe Activities For Everyone” (SAFE) code of conduct which is displayed in the main entrance. To achieve this, all children should to be correctly supervised at all times.

6. If music is played it must be at a reasonable level and not cause annoyance to nearby residents and must cease by 11.30pm. The doors and windows facing the front of the Hall must be kept shut and where practicable, curtains are to be drawn to lessen the noise.

7. For evening parties, all guests must have left by midnight and the Hall vacated by 12.30am. It is to be left in a clean and tidy condition unless prior agreement has been given to return the next morning

8. Hirers are responsible for ensuring that everyone leaves the Hall and car park quietly and not disturb any of the villagers. No persons shall sleep overnight in the Hall, in cars in the car park and its surrounds or on the playing field.

9. The Management Committee will ensure that the Hall meets current fire and health and safety regulations, but it is the Hirers' responsibility to ensure that all activities are carried out in a safe and sensible manner. The Committee will not be responsible for any accidents arising from negligence by the Hirer or their guests or by misuse of any item or property.

10. The hall may be decorated within reason, no nails or staples are to be used on the walls or woodwork, white tack or string can be used. No candles or naked flames are to be used. No Fireworks or sky lanterns are permitted. Barbeques are permitted outside on the patio area but should be Gas fired only, no hot coal barbeques are permitted.


Licensable activities

If the sale of alcohol is planned by the hirer, a Temporary Event Notification (TEN) from Breckland Council must be obtained. Normally a TEN is not required for the provision of live or recorded music unless the Hirer intends to make a profit from it.

If your activity requires a TEN, the Management Committee reserves the right to cancel the hiring or curtail the licensable activity if an authorised TEN cannot be produced on or before the planned event. The Hirer is responsible for meeting the requirements of the TEN. The Management Committee does not accept responsibility for any breaches of conditions or activities arising from the TEN.


Car Parking

11. There are limited car parking facilities outside the Hall. If it is necessary to park on the road, only use the Hall side of the road. Do not allow cars to be parked further down the street where the road narrows. Please be aware that Farm traffic and machinery needs to use the road and turn into Chapel Farm.



12. The switches for various lights in the hall are as follows:

  • The foyer and external lighting is on the wall beside the main entrance and on the main switch panel at the back of the Hall

  • A push button switch to the left of the double doors in the foyer will activate temporary lighting to allow safe access across the main room.

  • The main light switches are through the far-left hand door of the Hall and situated on the back wall. To the right of the main switch panel are the uplighter controls, which are dimmable, and a separate switch for the patio lights.

  • When leaving, a push button beneath the main switch panel will provide a time limited light outside the front entrance.


At the end of the hire

13. All refuse and food must be removed from the premises. The Hirer is required to take away any rubbish, which will not fit into the refuse wheelie bin. Empty glass bottles should be placed in the bottle bank in the car park. However, after 9.00pm please leave your bottles in suitable containers by the side of the bottle bank.

14. The hall is to be left in a clean and tidy condition. To achieve this, please:

  • Put away tables and chairs.

  • Sweep all floors and collect up and dispose of any dust and debris.

  • Any liquid spillages are to be mopped up. Do not wash the floor in the main hall.

  • ​Check that the toilets are clean and flushed.

  • Clean all kitchen equipment including the oven and any crockery and glassware that has been used

  • Clean bar/serving area.

  • Draw back the curtains in the hall.



15. Before leaving the Hirer is to:

  • Ensure that all electrical appliances have been switched off. The refrigerators are to be left switched ON.

  • The servery shutter is down.

  • All windows have been secured.

  • The kitchen and patio doors are locked.

  • All lights are switched off, keys posted back through the letter box if requested.

Hire of Crockery and Cutlery

16. If crockery and glassware have been hired, all items used must be washed, dried and put back in their cupboards. Breakages must be reported to the booking secretary who will decide if an additional charge should be levied.

Lost Property

17. The Committee does not accept any responsibility for any property left in the Hall or in any car parked in the car park. Any items found after the letting period will be held for approximately one month and after that date will be disposed of.



18. Money is refunded in full if hire cancelled at least 6 weeks before

50% of money refunded if cancelled four weeks before

No refund if cancelled less than four weeks before unless there are special circumstances.


Damage Waiver/fee

19. A damage/conditions fee of £100.00 will be required for evening functions, weddings and some other events, you will be informed at the time of booking. This fee is refunded in full or part at the end of your hire if no damage has been caused or none of the terms and conditions have been broken.

20. Access to the hall during wedding hire is as follows; Friday 2pm to 10pm. Saturday 8am to 11.30pm. Sunday 8am to 12pm.


The management committee reserve the right to cancel or alter these conditions at any time.

The management reserves the right of entry for it’s authorised representatives to the premises at any time.

To contact the Booking Secretary, Ring: 07553030177

Conditions of Hire

The playing field, children's play area and the car park are for the use of the community and as such the Management Committee is unable to give permission for their sole use.

Any person who is authorised to use the Hall is referred to as the Hirer and must abide by the standard conditions of letting as contained in this document.


The Hirer must be at least 18 years of age. If the Hirer is in any doubt as to the meaning of the following conditions of letting, the Bookings Secretary should be consulted.

Croxton Village Hall, is a Registered Charity (277569) and managed on a voluntary basis by the Management Committee. Income is used for the maintenance and operation of the Hall and to develop its facilities for the benefit of the local community.

The letting includes the use of all the facilities of the Hall, the bar and kitchen equipment and the rear patio. Any locked storage rooms and cupboards are excluded, the Hirer must ensure they are undisturbed.

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